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A Guide to Marketing Spirits

The Spirits Category is worth £5.3 billion in the GB on trade.
It is a key category to drive profits in your business.

There are three simple steps to follow when marketing spirits in your outlet.

  • Inspire
  • Sell
  • Serve

Your first step is to inspire your customers to choose Spirits, particularly a spirit and mixer, which can be one of the most profitable drinks you can serve. You can do this by thinking about the three areas of Range, Display and Communication.


It is important to ensure you have the right spirits range that meets the needs of your customers. Within our carefully selected spirits range we take pride in offering a choice of spirits, from world class big names to niche brands, premium brands to great value alternatives. Our specialist Sales Team, Contact Centre Staff and dedicated Wines and Spirits Managers are also on hand to offer advice on the best range for your venue. It can help to think of your range in three groups of products.



This is your entry level spirit in each sub-category. Each brand will depend on your style of outlet but it is likely to be either the No.1 brand or your best seller.


Fast selling sub-categories such as Vodka, Gin and Blended Whisky all need an ‘Upsell’ option which will usually be a premium brand offering the customer an option to treat themselves and you an opportunity for incremental profits.


Encourage customers to purchase more spirits by offering choice in each sub-category. It could be a flavoured option, a new or local brand or a seasonal favourite.



Your back bar is your shop window and spirits should be displayed to achieve two things;

1. Inspire Customers to choose spirits in the first place with tempting displays of spirits, mixers and fresh fruit.

2. Make it easy for your customers to choose what they want e.g. if your customer wants a Gin, it’s easier for them to choose if all your gins are grouped together.

Wine and Spirits


The main areas where your customers will make drinks decisions are at the bar or the table so menus and table talkers are a key way to inspire your customers to choose spirits. Anywhere else and it can just become ‘wall paper’. The role of a drinks menu is to grow drink sales by providing inspiration and suggesting new ideas while allowing your customers to make quick and informed decisions.

Spirits Supplier


1. Double Up From a 25ml serve to a 50ml serve of spirit. This is often linked with price promotions such as ‘Double Up for £1’. You can improve your rate of sale on spirits by training your staff to offer your customers a double, even without a price promotion in place.

2. Sharing Serves Pitchers are popular group serves and can be linked into the right consumer occasions such as such as Pimm’s and simple cocktails in summer. Bar staff should to be trained to suggest these to consumers as well as including them on your menus – bar and table.

3. Cocktails Upselling from a Spirit and Mixer to a simple, popular cocktail is an easy way to increase margin and sales.

4. Premium Spirits Upselling from core to premium choices can have a hugely positive impact on your revenue e.g. Smirnoff Red (£2.30) up to Smirnoff Black (£3.00) to Ketel One (£3.80).*

Spirits Wholesaler

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