Orange Wine

It’s worth getting this out of the way; orange wine isn’t made using oranges. The name comes from the hue that the wine takes on thanks to extended maceration with the grape skins during fermentation




Domaine de la Baume

‘Capucine’ Vin Orange

Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc 2021

At Crown Cellars we have been great fans of Domaine de la Baume down in Languedoc for a couple of decades so it makes sense to start our Orange Wine adventure there.  The winemaking team destem the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes and leave them  to macerate in a temperature controlled vat.  Once the all important extraction of colour and tannin is complete, fermentation is allowed to proceed.  During maturation the use of the preservative sulphur dioxide is kept to a minimum, allowing the distinctive colour to develop through subtle oxidation. The resulting wine has a deep gold colour.  On the nose it is intense and broad.  The dominant aromas are of ripe fruit: honeydew melon and candied peel in particular.  On the palate it is mid-full bodied and dry, with a touch of astringency underpinning everything. The finish is long