Wine Styles

Use this simple to table to find out more about the wine styles within our range, for more information about these wine styles and the best foods to pair them with, please visit our Food Matching Tool.

Red Wines

Grape Variety Description Classic growing countries & regions Wine Style



Smooth, mellow and mid-bodied, strawberry fruit flavour and a touch of spice

Spain, Portugal, Argentina

Spicy and warming. Ripe and juicy. Oaked and intense

Pinot Noir

Pee-no N-waa

Smooth, aromatic with perfumed red fruit, mid to light-bodied

Burgundy abd Champagne, France, California, New Zealand, Australia

Ripe and juicy Oaked and intense, light and delicate



Mid bodied, elegant with aromas of plum and black fruits

Bordeaux and Languedoc, France, Chile, California, Italy

Light and delicate, ripe and juicy


Si-rah / Shi-razz

Rich, full flavoured, soft and juicy, mid to full bodied

Rhone, France, Australia, South Africa, Chile

Ripe and juicy, spicy and warming, oaked and intense



Succulent, juicy, mid to full bodied, ripe red fruit flavours

Bordeaux and Cahors, France and Argentina

Ripe and juicy, oaked and intense

Cabernet Sauvignon

Ca-bur-ney Sew-vin-yon

Deep coloured, full bodied with intense blackcurrant flavours

Bordeaux and Languedoc, France, Chile, Australia, California

Ripe and juicy, oaked and intense

White Wines

Grape Variety Description Classic growing countries & regions Wine Style

Pinot Grigio

Pee-no Gree-gio

Light, crisp and dry with very delicate pear and apple flavours

Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Hungry, Californa

Light and delicate

Sauvignon Blanc

Sew-vin-yon Blonk

Aromatic, dry and crisp with intense aromas of tropical fruits, elderflower, cut grass and nettles

Loire and Bordeaux, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile

Dry and aromatic



Pronounced citrus and floral aromas, fresh and fairly full-bodied, dry to sweet

Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Alsace, France, Austria

Dry and aromatic, ripe and juicy

Chenin Blanc

Shen-in Blonk

Fresh, fruity with crisp acidity. Light to medium bodied, dry to medium

Loire, France, South Africa, Argentina

Light and delicate, ripe and juicy



Soft, fruit and fuller-bodied, ripe melon fruit and notes of vanilla

Burgundy, and Champagne, France, Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa

Ripe and juicy, fuller flavoured



Exotic, fresh and ripe. Notes of peaches and hint of spice. Medium to full bodied

Languedoc and Rhone, France, Chile, Argentina

Ripe and juicy

Wine Wheel

To support your staff in navigating our range, we’ve produced an easy to use food and wine matching wheel. This enables easy navigation of our range by grape variety or wine style, so regardless of the size of your wine offering or style of food, this tool will enable any member of staff to confidently make recommendations to your customers.


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